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Rice-based, and gluten-free !

Light and authentic, deSIAM’s rice-based noodles and wraps offer a gluten and wheat-free alternative to add to your favourite Thai dishes.

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Spring Roll Wrappers 100g - deSIAMCuisine (Thailand) Co Ltd
Spring Roll Wrappers 100g
  • €3,60
Pad Thai Rice Noodles 270g - deSIAMCuisine (Thailand) Co Ltd
Pad Thai Rice Noodles 270g
  • €5,20

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Ramen Noodles 250g
  • €5,20

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Brown Rice Vermicelli 200g - deSIAMCuisine (Thailand) Co Ltd
Brown Rice Vermicelli 200g
  • €5,20
Spring Rolls Kit 260g - deSIAMCuisine (Thailand) Co Ltd
Spring Rolls Kit 260g
  • €8,20