27th March 2020

10 tips for
healthy Thai cooking

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1st March 2020

The meanings behind
deSIAM brand

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2nd February 2020

Tom Yam,
the gastronomic legend of Thailand

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22nd January 2020

Which Thai food are you?
​Funny quiz

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16th January 2020

5 ways to cook with
Thai Curry Pastes

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7th January 2020

the King of Curries

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27th December 2019

The Forgotten history
of Pad Thai

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10th December 2019

6 Fun Facts
about food in Thai Culture

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3rd December 2019

Floating markets

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23rd November 2019

A guide to
​Thai Street Food

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27th November 2019

4 Food regions

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25th September 2019

What’s the difference between Thailand’s infamous curries?

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12th September 2019

Chatuchak Weekend
Bangkok Market 

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12th July 2019

Thai cooking utensils you need
to make your favourite Thai dishes!

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7th June 2019

5 unconventional ways
to use rice papers!

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1st June 2019

Tuk-Tuk, Thailand’s most
notorious mode of transport

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25th May 2019

8 Essential Ingredients
for Thai Cooking

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15th May 2019

Tutto Food,
Food Expo Milan

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15th March 2019

deSIAM on French TV,
watch the replay (M6 Capital)

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15th February 2019

deSIAM on Spanish TV,
​watch the replay

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8th January 2019

Street Food in Thailand, 
Part I - Bangkok

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28th December 2018

A Perfect Tom Yam soup
Part II - Now we're cooking! 

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15th December 2018

A Perfect Tom Yam soup
Part I - Shopping in Bangkok

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10th October 2018

Food Expo Paris

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25th May 2017

Food Expo Bangkok

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15th February 2017

Discover our interactive 
packaging with QR codes !

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