Beef Panang

Easy | Mild | 30 min | x2

Richer and thicker than a classic Thai red curry, panang curry has a creamy, nutty flavour. A classic, much loved Thai curry, and a very quick one to cook!


Beef Panang
Beef filet (sliced) 350g
 Panang curry paste 70g
Coconut milk 180ml
Aubergine (diced) ½ piece
 Baby corns (diced) 50g
Fish sauce 1 Tbsp
 Sugar 1 Tbsp
Fresh basil (chopped) 1 bunch


Beef Panang

Stir-fry the curry paste

Heat 1 Tbsp vegetable oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat until very hot. Then, add the sachet of panang curry paste. Stir-fry the curry paste until a distinct aroma develops, then add 1 Tbsp coconut milk and stir.

Beef Panang

Stir-fry the beef

Add 350g beef filet and stir-fry until all the pieces of beef are coated with the paste.

Beef Panang

Add coconut milk and the veggies

Add the coconut milk and 100ml water into the saucepan. Lower the heat and add the diced vegetables (aubergine and baby corn). Add the fish sauce and the sugar. Then turn the heat down to simmer until cooked through.

Beef Panang

Plate your dish

Serve your Beef Panang Curry Garnish in a bowl. Serve with steamed white rice and garnish with fresh basil.