Delicious Thai Food

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Naturally dairy and gluten free!

07th October 2020

It can be a little hard sometimes to plan the perfect meal for a table full of different diets.

Where does one look, when having to find gluten and dairy free options?

The great news, is that authentic Thai food is traditionally dairy free, with many of the dishes also being gluten free.

Thai ingredients in most Thai dishes are gluten free, fresh and full of flavour.

To all gluten and dairy intolerants, never fear, there are many tasty and much loved Thailand delicacies to share.

Here are a few examples of gluten free and dairy free, Thai dishes you could cook at home.

Thai curries

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Thailand has an array of red, yellow, green and panang Curries that are made from different blends of completely gluten free ingredients such as spices, curry pastes and coconut milk. 

Here at deSIAM, we go that one step further. 

Our deSIAM curry pastes do not contain shrimp paste and are also 100% suitable for vegetarians.

Pad Thai

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The most popular dish to come out of Thailand, Pad Thai traditionally uses rice noodles, tamarind and fish sauce, all of which are gluten free. 

Our deSIAM Pad Thai Noodles are gluten free, Incredibly versatile and work with multiple flavours.

Tom Yam

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Tom Yam is the Thai national dish, often served for lunch, a delicious spicy soup, originating from central Thailand. The main ingredient is a paste made from chilli, lemongrass and spices.The main ingredient is a paste made from chilli, lemongrass and spices.

Tom kha is a similar creamier alternative also made from chilli, lime, spices and fish sauce.

Both deSIAM Tom Yum and Tom Kha pastes are vegetarian and gluten free.

Som Tam

Som Tam recipe

Som Tam papaya salad is a great tasting, light meal.

The main ingredient of green papaya is an amazing source of vitamins, it also bolsters your digestion with special enzymes.

The papaya is mixed with carrot and tomatoes and a special Som Tam dressing of coconut sugar, lime and fish sauce, making this popular dish, dairy and gluten free Note that if you are vegetarian you can simply replace fish sauce with salt. 

Stir fries

Thai stir fries recipes

There are so many amazing vegetables and thai spices that can be combined with either rice or a rice noodle to make an amazing gluten free stir fry. 

 Remember to skip the wheat based soy sauce or oyster sauces and you are good to go. Here at deSIAM we wake up your stir-fries by enhancing the distinct flavours and aromas that make Thai food so special with our lemongrass or tamarind stir fry pastes.

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