5 ways to cook with Curry Pastes

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16th January 2020

Do not let its name fool you! Thai curry pastes do more than just produce delicious curries. They are one of the most versatile ingredients in Thai cooking, you can throw them into almost any dish to turn it into an exquisite burst of punchy flavours. 

Curry Pastes, great for curries but don’t be afraid to use it in other dishes too !

Do not be put off by their spicy kick, just add a little curry paste to your recipe to completely transform it! 

Here are our favourite ways to include Thai curry pastes in our cooking!

1. Curries and Stews

Undeniably the most popular use of Thai curry pastes is for curries and stews! Curry pastes, (whether yellow or red) play a crucial role in bringing out the zest and flavours in all the other ingredients. 

They marry all the elements together to create a delicious balance of textures. 

Curry pastes are spicy, aromatic, sweet and savory at the same time !

All recipes begin with the gentle simmering of the curry paste to wake it up and prepare it to welcome the rest of the components. 

Next you add your protein, be it meaty or plant-based, and your vegetables. 

You want to make sure they are all well coated in the paste so that when you add the coconut milk or the broth it submerges the entire pot to produce a beautifully tender and tasty dish. 

Green Chicken Curry recipe

2. Prawn Cakes

This staple appetiser is unarguably best served when loaded with fresh shrimp and zesty red curry paste! 

They are simple to make and take no time at all. You only require four ingredients to make them! 

Deep-fry prawn cakes until golden brown.

Place the prawns, pork belly, sweet corn kernels into a blender and blend until smooth. Remove the mixture and form into patties the size of your palm. 

Coat them with the breadcrumbs and then deep fry. 

They are best served when hot and with a side of sweet chili sauce! 

Ideal if you are cooking for a group of people as they are an absolute delight to eat and easy to pass around the table. When cooked to perfection they taste like flavourful little clouds. Does that sound irresistible? 

Prawn Cake recipe

3. Chicken Satay

Think you can handle kicking this classic dish up a notch?

Curry paste is guaranteed to add a serious kick to your chicken satay skewers! 

Adding this ingredient in could not be simpler! 

Place the chicken into a bowl, then add the curry paste, brown sugar, garlic, a little fish sauce and a dash of coconut milk. Work the ingredients in together until they have created a luscious paste over all the chicken pieces. 

Fit the chicken pieces onto skewers before pan frying. 

Serve straight from the pan with a generous helping of peanut sauce! 

If you follow a vegetarian, mushrooms work an absolute treat with this recipe! 

Satay recipe

4. Salmon Custard “Hor Mok”

Usually the words fish and custard are not put in the same sentence! But in Thai cooking custards can both be sweet or savoury. They are a thick, silky smooth paste that can be baked. “Hor Mok” is a popular dish constituted of multiple layers, including succulent fish, crunchy cabbage, fresh basil and bell peppers.

Scoop in Hor Mok mixture evenly into each bell pepper.

Each bite unveils a complex and delicious flavour composition which would suggest they are difficult to make but on the contrary are actually quite easy to produce! 

You combine all the ingredients and pour them into the bell peppers which act as a vessel to shape the custard. 

They are then steamed until the fish is cooked through. 

The curry paste gives it its colour and adds a bite of flavour to all the incredible textures. 

Hor Mok recipe

5. Thai Burger

Spice up your classic juicy burger with Thai curry paste! 

This interesting cross of Thai flavours with a classic Western recipe is simply divine and is sure to leave any foodie wanting a second serving!

Combine your minced beef with Panang curry paste, then stir in one whole egg and breadcrumbs to ensure that they keep their consistency when cooking. Form them into patties then cook on medium heat in a frying pan. 

Serve with all the classic trimmings and experiment with them to create the ultimate burger! 

Give our Panang Beef Burger a try, guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who devours it! 

Panang Burger recipe

We hope you enjoy bringing these recipes to life in your own kitchen! 

Tag us in your culinary creations on Facebook and Instagram, we would love to see how you get on with experimenting with Thai curry paste!

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