5 amazing animals you can find in Thailand

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23.09.20 03:01 AM

Thailand, an exotic getaway for animals lovers!

29th September 2020

The nature in the Land of Smiles is incredibly diverse with a rich array of flora and fauna.
Here is a list of the 5 amazing animals you can find in Thailand.

Amazing Thailand
Elephant crossing road sign in Thailand

1. Asian Elephants

Amazing Thailand
In Thailand there are still wild elephants to be found in numerous National parks such as Khao Yai. 

Smaller than their African counterparts, Asian elephants are majestic, you will definitely fall in love with them !

2. Gibbons

Amazing Thailand

Gibbons have long arms and the ability to swing with ease from one tree branch to the next.
They spend most of their time sleeping in tree canopies, making them a challenge to spot.

3. Tigers

Amazing Thailand

Tigers reside in Thai tropical rainforests because the atmosphere is humid and they can better camouflage themselves. 

Though there are less than 300 to be found in the wild, hopes of an increase of their numbers have been buoyed recently by the news that they have found to be breeding.

4. Siamese Crocodile

Amazing Thailand

Siamese crocodile is a freshwater species.
Today, there are very few of them in the wild.

5. Gekko

Gekko’s call (which sounds like “tokay”) can often be heard through the night in Thailand.
Beautifully coloured they prefer rainforest environments but it is not unusual to find some on the ceiling of a hotel room in Thailand.

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