A  family business

Marisa deSIAM

Marisa Phiwkhaw-Haurie

Company Founder

Marisa is our founder and the brains behind our deSIAM recipes, she’s the reason behind your tastebuds being ticked by our products!

She has extensive knowledge of Thai cuisine which she acquired from graduating from Suan Dusit Bangkok culinary school.

She has traveled across the region which has fuelled her passion for cooking and given her better insight into various Asian cooking styles and techniques.

Chana deSIAM

Chana Prasitvej

Managing Partner

Chana is in charge of anything to do with operations and logistics for deSIAM in Thailand.

He has a strong entrepreneurial background which was heavily influenced by his successful and locally acclaimed Thai Chinese family.

He is based in Bangkok and owns several other restaurants in the city, making him extremely knowledgeable in the Food and Beverage industry. He knows how to exceed your palate’s expectations!

Herve Haurie deSIAM

Herve Haurie

Managing Partner

Hervé is our business development guy who fell hard for the ‘Land of Smiles’.

He is a French national who has been living in Thailand for over 20 years. He’s extremely familiar with Thai cooking and Thai culture.

He was so impressed and excited by Thailand’s cuisine when he arrived that he wanted to produce Thai culinary experiences that people could recreate easily at home, which is how deSIAM came about! 


Remy Pujol

Creative Director

Remy is the youngest and newest member of the deSIAM family!

He moved to Thailand a few years ago after spending several years in Paris working the broadcasting industry.

He’s now the man behind all the deSIAM cooking videos, helping you get the most out of your cooking products and recipes at every try!


We are proud of

Sial Innovation deSIAM
Thai Select Award deSIAM


Answers to our most popular questions

What is the difference between Green, Red and Yellow curries?

Green curries get their colouration from green chillies, as do red curries from red chillies.

But yellow chillies don’t exist!

So you might be wondering where yellow curries get their shade from?

Well, yellow curries include turmeric as one of the principal ingredients which gives this flavourful curry its colourful hue.

Should I use chopsticks to eat Thai food?

People often come to Thailand assuming that Thai food is meant to be consumed with chopsticks. 

Fact is, Thai people only ever use chopsticks to eat noodles! 

The rest of the time you’ll find everyone chowing down food with a fork and a spoon! 

Most of their dishes are rice based, imagine how much time it would take to eat rice with chopsticks!

What should I be cooking into my curry paste?

Our curry pastes are very versatile and flexible, which means you can get as creative as you want with them!

If you’re a meat eater then you can throw in any type of meat, just make sure it’s finely sliced so it cooks through properly.

If you’re not really into eating meat then rest assured our curries go perfectly with an array of vegetables! We recommend you use soft vegetables such as aubergine, cherry tomatoes, or baby corn. You can also throw in tofu if you want to get your protein fix with your curry!

To make your curry even more fragrant you can top it off with a generous hand of coriander or basil, this will bring out even more flavour!

There is no fixed recommendation for what you should put in them, this will entirely depend on your dietary preferences! 

I’m not accustomed to spicy food! How spicy are deSIAM products?

Not all Thai food is spicy, we’ve got a range of recipes on our website, all of which have been marked with a spice index so you can choose which level of spice you want to go for!

You can also adapt our recipes so even the most spicy ones become less spicy. You can do this by removing the seeds from the chillies before throwing them into your cooking, these are the most spicy part of the chilli!

If you’re cooking a curry then you also dilute it with coconut milk, this will make the curry a lot milder.

If you go for one of our spicier recipes make sure you have a lot of rice at the ready so if things get too hot you can soothe your mouth with spoonfuls of rice!

What should I use to season my Thai dishes?

Thai dishes strike a nice balance between sweet, salty, spicy and sour. Different recipes alternate varying degrees of these flavours by blending them into dishes in different quantities and portions. There are a few key ingredients which highlights these notes of flavour.

To get your deSIAM meals to taste as authentically Thai as possible we recommend you stock up on and use coconut sugar for sweetness, fish sauce (or light soy sauce for vegetarians) for saltiness, fresh chillies or chilli powder for spiciness and rice vinegar for sourness.


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