Minced Chicken Salad "Larb Kai"

A perfect balance of flavour and heat !



30 minutes

Ingredients   Servings: 2 people

Laarb kai ingredients
Minced chicken
Lemongrass wok oil
1 Tbsp
Coconut sugar
½ Tbsp
 Fish sauce2 Tbsp
Thai spices
 1 Tbsp
Dried Chillies 3 pieces
3 pieces
Coriander leaves
1 bunch
1 bunch
Spring onion
3 stems
 Shallots 2 pieces


Whether you see it called larb, laab, larb, or laap, Thai Minced Chicken Salad is a light salad that is found in Northeastern Thailand and Laos.
Loaded with herbs and spices, this dish is 
light, fresh and zingy.

Laarb kai

1. Cook the chicken

Heat 1 tbsp of lemongrass wok oil in a pan.
Stir fry the minced chicken.

Laarb kai

2. Add veggies

Add sliced spring onions and minced coriander leaves.
Add minced shallots. Cook until cooked through.

Laarb kai

3. Add seasonings

Add coconut sugar and fish sauce.
Add Thai mix spices and a few dried chillies.
Mix well and simmer for a while

Laarb kai

4. plate your dish

Garnish with mint and lime.
Serve with rice.

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