Spring Rolls

Luscious and refreshing



30 minutes

Ingredients   Servings: 20 rolls

Spring Rolls Kit 1 pack
Prawns 20 pieces
Lettuce10 leaves
Cucumber1 piece
Carrot1 piece


1. Soak vermicelli

Soak vermicelli in boiling water for about 1 minute until soft.

2. Prepare the rice paper

Place wrappers into warm water until soft and pliable. 
Blot on a damp tea towel.

3. Place the filling and roll the wrappers

Place lettuce, carrot and cucumber. Add halved prawns.
Roll wrapper gently to form a roll shape.

4. Plate your dish

Place the wrappers on a plate.
Serve with Spring Rolls dipping sauce (included in the kit) 
or Sweet Chilli sauce.