Prawn Cakes

A mouthwatering appetizer!



45 minutes

Ingredients   Servings: 2 people

Prawns (peeled and deveined)
10 pieces
Pork belly30g
Sweet corn kernels100g
Pineapple sauce (for dipping)1 bottle


1. Blend the ingredients

Place the prawns, the bacon and the sweet corn kernels in a blender. Add pepper and then blend until you get a smooth paste.

2. Form the prawn cakes

Wet your hands and a tablespoon with cold water. Scoop one heaped tablespoon of paste in your hands and then gently pat and shape into a patty.

You should be able to yield the paste into 12 flat cakes.
Then keep refrigerated for at least 45 minutes.

3. Coat the prawn cakes

Cover each prawn cake with breadcrumbs.
This will ensure they get a nice crispy exterior!

4. Deep fry the prawn cakes

Deep-fry for 5 minutes until golden brown.

5. Drain on paper towels

Drain the cooked prawn cakes on paper towels to absorb any excess oil that may still be clinging to them. 

6. Plate your dish

Plate your crispy prawn cakes and serve with our deSIAM Sweet Chilli sauce.

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